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    • The 2nd edition of the 24H de l’innovation au centre de la Terre (24H innovation at the Centre of the Earth) took place on 2nd and 3rd December last, on the premises of ESC Pau business school. This is a meeting focusing on creativity and innovation during 24H and whose goal is to develop creative and innovative concepts and productions (processes, products, software, services, artistic creations, communication&marketing campaigns, etc.) from subjects revealed during the opening ceremony of the event.

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    IFP School’s soaring MOOCs


    Next edition : MOOC « Sustainable mobility: technical and environmental challenges for the automotive sector », scheduled for 20th February 2017. Registrations here!


    A MOOC comes across as a fun training device to further knowledge acquisition in a specific area of study, or master an extra skill, or simply to enhance one’s general knowledge.


    This is what makes this educational revolution attractive to so very diverse participants. As explained by Olivier Bernaert, educational counselor at IFP School, “since this is an online course, there are no more borders. It becomes possible to target a whole community of learners from various countries and environments”.

    IFP School joined the movement in 2014 and 2015 with two MOOCs, entirely free, taught in English with French subtitles: