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Anne Jardin

135241 Jardin.AProfessor

Anne Jardin is a geophysicist and graduated from the Institut de Sciences et Technologie de l’Université Paris 6 in 1979. After several years of professional experience in oil and gas seismic processing and interpretation, she was awarded a PhD in Mechanics from the Université Paris 6 in 1993.

From 1979 to 1982, she worked as an engineer in the Geophysics department of TOTAL. She was involved, amongst other things, in setting up the first applications of vertical seismic profiles in TOTAL subsidiaries. She joined IFP Energies nouvelles as a research engineer in 1983. She took part in numerous projects from the development of software to applications on real datasets within IFP Energies nouvelles' Geophysics division. She is specialized in seismic imaging methods for complex geological zones and seismic inversion (tomography and stratigraphy). Within this field she has developed methods and software for a more effective integration of geophysical and geological techniques and has taken part in several collaborative studies with geologists from IFP Energies nouvelles and other companies.

Since 1982 she has taught courses on seismic processing at IFP School and at the Université Paris 6. Since October 2006, most of her activity has been at IFP School where she teaches seismic interpretation and  reservoir geophysics and has developed numerous case studies. She was appointed associate professor in the Geology department at the Université Laval (Quebec) in 2003 and professor at IFP School in 2009.