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Jean-Luc Monsavoir

175613 Monsavoir.JL

Jean-Luc Monsavoir received a Master in Chemical Engineering from INSCIR (1979). He is senior lecturer in refining technology at IFP School. He was previously  employed at Shell for about 30 years (half of which was spent outside France), during which he  held roles in Shell Global Solutions consultancy services as well as Shell and other refineries.

His expertise includes:

  • Design of new and revamps of exiting base oil manufacturing units (both solvent based and hydroprocesses), sulphur recovery units (Claus and SCOT), treatment units (removal of wet and dry solids, and cold and hot impurities), bitumen production units and hydroprocessing units (naphtha, kerosene, gasoil and mild hydrocracking).
  • Troubleshooting, operational and maintenance support (commissioning, procedures, audit, turnaround preparation and execution).
  • Operation of hydrogen manufacture, hydroprocesses, reforming, coal gasification, bitumen, base oils, gas treatment and sulphur recovery.
  • Safety and environmental review (audit, incident investigation) of operating plants and terminals and benchmarking.
  • Project execution, from scouting studies, master planning, basic design to detailed engineering and construction.
    Knowledge management (organizing expert workshops, operator and technologist training, gate-keeping, e-learning).