Vladimir Alejandro Choque-Flores

082545 Choque Flores VladimirProgram Supervisor Master in Reservoir Geoscience and Engineering

Vladimir Alejandro Choque-Flores graduated as a mechanical engineer from "Universidad Mayor de San Andrés" (La Paz-Bolivia, UMSA) in 2000.

His career began at UMSA where he taught for four years fluid mechanics, mechanical drawing, internal combustion engines and solid mechanics.

He also holds a double graduate degree from IFP School and Texas A&M University with a specialty in Reservoir Geosciences and Engineering (RGE).

From 2001 to 2006, he worked in Congo, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Senegal, Ghana, Indonesia, Colombia and Peru for Schlumberger as a field engineer and ultimately as an engineer in charge.

In 2006, he joined Welltec to work mainly in the United States, Denmark, Hungary, Brazil and Mexico as a service delivery manager for specialized robotic down-hole services and work-over interventions.

He joined IFP School in June 2011. He is Program Supervisor for the Master in Reservoir Geoscience and Engineering. His main technical interests are well-logging, well-testing, service delivery, people management, petrophysics and reservoir monitoring.

He enjoys outdoor activities and is passionate about cycling. He loves travelling and discovering new cultures