• Earlier this summer, Adrien Chaton (Energy and Processes program, 2016) was giving an account of his academic and professional path to his School of origin, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie of Rennes (ENSCR), which led him to work abroad for one year, in Australia and Congo, so as to enrich his professional experience before joining IFP School.

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International commitment

IFP School is a forerunner on the international stage for training in the fields of oil, gas, petrochemicals and powertrains.


IFP School cultivates diversity as a source of development and enrichment. This approach is thoroughly appreciated by students, professors and companies worldwide. Our students grow in a multicultural environment, working alongside professors and fellow students from a variety of backgrounds. It is in this open-minded environment that students prepare to join the international energy and transportation sectors.

Breakdown of international students over 5 years (for all the programs)

 International VA


IFP School’s international commitment is multifaceted:


  • student origin, with 50% international students from more than 50 countries,
  • the language of the courses, with 7 of our programs taught entirely in English,
  • the diversity of backgrounds of our teaching staff,
  • international academic partnerships, in particular for double-degree programs with major North American and Russian universities,
  • industrial partnerships with a number of national and international companies that offer grants to our students,
  • the dissemination policy, which involves organizing degree programs in an oil-producing and/or gas-producing country, generally with a local university partner and an industrial sponsor (three programs currently available in Nigeria, Russia and Saudi Arabia).