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    • Among the novelties for the 3rd edition of IFP School’s MOOC Oil & Gas « From exploration to distribution » in partnership with Total, which started on 9th October for its 1st week of courses, a series of interviews on the digital theme can now be found.

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    To give a global overview of the teaching staff we have grouped the various faculty members as a percentage of the number of hours of teaching. This distribution is true for the School as a whole but also reflects the trend for each program, even though some programs may diverge slightly.


    The School's faculty members are:

    • IFP School teaching staff,
    • Researchers from IFP Energies nouvelles,
    • Employees of companies of the IFP Energies nouvelles Group (particularly, Axens, Beicip-Franlab and IFP Training),
    • Academics,
    • Industrial experts and consultants.



    This diversity of backgrounds endows IFP School with an eclectic educational framework which has a positive impact on the quality of the courses given. The aim is to cover all fields of expertise with varied approaches, ranging from advanced research to industrial applications, in order to give students a complete panorama of the various aspects of energy issues.

    Backgrounds of a part of the faculty members (non-exhaustive list) are presented according to the main fields of activity.