Making the Energy Transition a Success


Throughout history we have already experienced several energy transitions; from biomass (wood) to coal in the 19th century and from coal to oil and gas in the 20th century. The 21st century however faces an energy challenge of its own.

In a world with growing energy demands, the constant innovations (regarding solar and wind power, batteries, digitalisation, electric and connected vehicles, ...) coupled with the desire to use energy sources that are more respectful of the environment and the climate change are deeply transforming the energy and transport sectors. All energy sources, from solar to oil, have, and will continue to have a place in the global energy mix provided that they are efficient and used responsibly.

As a result of these transformations, the demand for trained professionals in the sectors of energy innovation and sustainable mobility has never been higher. Newly trained engineers will be needed not only to create the energy and transport technologies of tomorrow, but also to guide decision-makers towards the most convenient opportunities and effective solutions in an uncertain and constantly changing environment.

Training engineers specialised in the energy and transport sectors since 1954, IFP School, in collaboration with its industrial partners, is fully committed to providing optimal solutions to the energy transition issue. It offers programs on topics such as:

  • the reduction of CO2 emissions and control of the environmental footprint
  • the introduction of electric mobility, energy transformation, the implementation of a more circular economy...
  • the design of smart electricity networks and the digitalisation of industrial exchanges
  • The energetic efficiency processes, hydrogen and biofuels.

Therefore, professionals will leave IFP School capable of contributing, from the moment they take up their positions, to the energy transition, and  ready to start building a better world for future generations!