Making the Energy Transition a Success

The 21st century faces an unprecedented energy challenge. Global demand, particularly in the transport sector, is growing massively and inevitably. At the same time, oil and gas resources are shrinking and competing with new energies in a changing climate context.

So how can we ensure the sustainability of our energy supply while limiting the environmental impact? The aim is to create the conditions for a gradual and balanced change, including the education of immediately operational talent in energy innovation and sustainable mobility.

Committed to a sustainable energy mix, IFP School integrates two inseparable dimensions of the energy and transport sectors into its programs, in close collaboration with its industrial partners:

  • energy efficiency, reduction of CO2 emissions and environmental footprint,
  • global demand for mobility, energy and chemical products.

IFP School trains young professionals capable of contributing, as soon as they take up their positions, to the energy transition, to build the world of tomorrow!