Education Fields

IFP School offers applied graduate programs in four main areas of energy and transport:

Powertrains and sustainable mobility

To invent the clean hybrid, electric and thermal engines and connected vehicles of tomorrow.

  • The challenges: faced with a growing world population, the transport sector requires innovative and optimal energy-efficient engines.
  • The knowledge delivered: control the entire powertrain, from combustion to integration into the vehicle, optimize the use of products (fuels, combustibles, lubricants) and reduce CO2 emissions.

Energy economics and management

To ensure the development of the energy sector and conquer new markets.

  • The challenges: faced with many technological and environmental challenges, the energy sector needs professionals who have both scientific knowledge and sound economic and financial skills.
  • The knowledge delivered: a global vision of the energy and transport sectors, master economic analysis and the main management and financial tools, analyze and take decisions in a context of globalized and complex energy transition.

Processes for energy and chemicals

To develop responsible processes for (bio)fuels and bioplastics in sustainable facilities.

  • The challenges: faced with environmental and resource availability issues, the evolution of processes and the use of diversified raw materials have become key in the energy and chemical industries. 
  • The knowledge delivered: design and dimension of industrial installations, and their operation and optimization, ensure safety and protect the environment.

Georesources and energy

To discover new reserves and produce oil and gas responsibly.

  • The challenges: in order to meet global hydrocarbon needs, it is necessary to exploit deposits in a sustainable way and to optimize gas and oil production. It is also necessary to discover new resources. 
  • The knowledge delivered: understanding the architecture of existing deposits and increasing the recovery rate, implementing exploration programs and developing new fields in various environments, controlling environmental and societal impacts.