Ties with Industry

IFP School bridges the gap between the academic and industrial worlds. Every year, partnerships exist with over 50 companies, which take a variety of forms :


  • classes conducted by 400 professionals from the industry

  • provision of industrial data for case studies

Support to students

IFP School has the experience and expertise to identify future talents and develop in them the skills and know-how that are highly valued by the industry. Our industrial partners have trusted us for a very long time because we pay particular attention not only to the outstanding academic background, but also to the personality of the candidate and the coherence of his/her professional project.
It is one of the reasons why more than 90% of graduates find a job immediately, as the variety of student profiles and nationalities, their skills and potential make them ideal candidates for joining IFP School and companies alike
More than 80% of students following specialized engineering graduate programs receive company-backed financing.

By supporting IFP School and contributing to its programs, our industrial partners have special access to young people with unique profiles, both during their time at IFP School and once they have graduated.

  • alternating periods in school / company, especially as part of apprenticeships

  • grants/scholarships provided as part of student sponsorships to attract talent


The School's Development Council include representatives from the industry, to ensure that the main priorities taken by the School are in keeping with industry's expectations and needs.

The Development Council examines and approves the School's main strategic priorities.

In addition, for each training program, IFP School is advised by a Steering Committee consisting of experts from the relevant industry, to decide on changes to be made to the program’s objectives and content and to the graduates' profiles.