Launch of the second edition of the MOOC on Energy Transition

With the support of the Total Foundation and in association with the Tuck Foundation, IFP School is launching the second edition of its MOOC "Energy Transition: innovation towards a low-carbon future" on 27 January 2020.

Free and certified, this MOOC aims to raise awareness amongst students, future engineers and professionals of the challenges faced by the energy transition and the innovations in the low-carbon energy mix sector.

In a glimpse :

  • Title : "Energy  Transition : Innovation Towards a Low-Carbon Future"
  • Dates : from 27 January thru 2 March 2020 (followed by two extra weeks without courses to allow participants to complete the evaluation process)
  • To register :
  • Work estimate : 2 to 3 hours per week
  • Languages : English, French, Spanish (videos and subtitles)
  • Prerequisites : 2 to 3 years of higher education