Olivier Massol

Portrait d'Olivier Massol

Scientific Advisor to the Dean of IFP School
Associate Professor

Energy Economics and Management Center

Olivier Massol is the Scientific Advisor to the Dean of IFP School and Associate Professor at the Center for Energy Economics and Management, where he lectures energy economics and industrial organization.

Olivier joined IFP School in 2007 as a Lecturer (2007-2009), then as an Assistant Professor (2009-2014). Between 2009 and 2018, he was in charge of the Master in Energy and Markets.

Before that, he worked for seven years as an economist and then as a project manager in the General Economic Studies program of Gaz de France (now Engie).

His research applies game theory, econometrics and operations research techniques to shed light on topical issues regarding either the organization of the energy sector or the functioning of energy markets.

Olivier’s works have been published in top-field scientific journals such as: European Journal of Operational Research, Energy Journal, Energy Economics, Energy Policy, Resource and Energy Economics and Networks and Spatial Economics.

Besides, Olivier is also an Honorary Research Fellow of the Department of Economics at City, University of London. He is a founding member of the Chair “Economics of Natural Gas” and has been its Executive Director since 2016.  He is also an Associate Researcher of the “Climate Economics” Chair, where he is in charge of the Energy Transition research program.

Olivier also serves on the Executive Committee of the French Association for Energy Economics.

Olivier Massol holds an “Ingénieur civil des Mines” degree from the École des Mines (Saint Étienne, 1998), an MSc. degree in Energy Economics from IFP School and a PhD in Economics (City, University of London). He also holds a MRes. in Industrial Economics (Université Paris-Dauphine).