Processes for Energy and Chemicals

Permanent faculty

To develop a broad range of skills, from the most conceptual to the most applied, the education courses delivered at IFP School are based on a team of permanent faculty members from diverse backgrounds:

  • from industry (major oil companies)
  • from IFP Energies nouvelles research divisions

Visiting lecturers

  • In addition to the permanent staff, several consultants from major companies in the field, or from the IFP Energies nouvelles Group, make a valuable contribution to the courses, sharing their experience of industry with the students.
  • Professors from highly reputed foreign universities also bring their expertise, particularly in the field of petrochemistry.

The teaching staff of IFP School

  • Jean-Luc Monsavoir, Director Processes for Energy and Chemicals
  • Gilles Azencott
  • Perrine Babin
  • Olivier Bernaert
  • Denis Bossanne
  • Jean-Charles de Hemptinne
  • Nathalie Houdart
  • Jean-Luc Monsavoir
  • Céline Pierre