Professional Skills Module

The Professional Skills Module allows IFP School students in continuing education and in a work-study basis (with four years of higher education) to enter a multicultural professional context and to situate their profession in the energy and transport sector.


In the form of group courses and projects, some thirty speakers, professors and consultants from the Professional Skills Module cover transversal topics to best prepare students for their professional integration:

  • job search
  • corporate and market governance
  • geopolitical energy policy
  • international negotiation, etc.


Edition 2019 - 2020

Students will work on five projects around:

  • innovation and entrepreneurship
  • the energy transition from the point of view of cities
  • the valorization of natural gas
  • the "negative emissions" of CO2
  • the role of biomass in the energy transition

Previous editions

  • In 2017, students worked on five projects related to innovation and entrepreneurship, energy transition, gas market flexibility, natural gas valorization and geothermal energy.
  • In 2015, the Professional Skills Module enabled IFP School students to mobilize on the challenges of the 2015 international climate negotiations. They thus carried out a simulation of COP21 focused on CO2 issues, a great success illustrated in video.


For the past 3 years, IFP School students have had access to the new Innovation and Entrepreneurship Module. They can experience all the facets of business creation:

  • proposal of innovative ideas to meet current challenges in the field of energy transition
  • development of a business model
  • definition of a marketing plan to accelerate the growth of their future business
  • pitch their ideas to convince potential investors

Thanks to a partnership with CESI in Nanterre, students also have the opportunity to experiment their ideas in a FabLab.