Specialized masters

IFP School offers specialized master’s degrees (awarded by the Grandes Écoles Conference) and "Executive" programmes reserved for active professionals.

Specialized Master's Degree ® Petroleum Data Management

This program, delivered in English, is in partnership with the École nationale des sciences géographiques (ENSG).
It is open to candidates holding an engineering degree or a master’s degree, young graduates or professionals active in the industry, and aims to train specialists capable of managing (that is, to manipulate, organize, integrate and preserve) all the data acquired in the field of the exploitation of natural resources, in particular oil, gas and water.

Executive Programs: Master’s Degree ® Powertrains and Executive Master of Management in Energy

IFP School also offers programmes reserved for experienced professionals with a minimum bac+4 diploma.
These programmes are compatible with the maintenance of a professional activity and are organised in the form of one- or two-week modules over a period of 2 years.
The training is based both on theoretical and practical teaching and exchange of ideas with recognised experts and on the emulation resulting from group work (real case studies, etc.) with participants from a wide range of backgrounds.