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Disability Mission

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IFP School is committed to the issue of disability, for the benefit of the people concerned, students or staff. This dynamic is supported by the Disability Referent who is the student's contact person to:

  • support them throughout their studies, from the recruitment phase at school to their placement in a company on leaving
  • welcome them to school, assess their needs and put in place the necessary facilities to ensure that they have an equal chance of success in their studies (suitable equipment and premises, additional third time, etc.)
  • guide them in their choice of professional projects, in close collaboration with a panel of companies.

The Disability Mission works closely with organizations and bodies working to integrate students with disabilities into higher education in order to share best practices:

  • Conférence des grandes écoles
  • Union des grandes écoles indépendantes
  • Fédération étudiante pour une dynamique études et emploi avec un handicap…