International partnerships

IFP School is open to the world through its academic cooperation and partnerships that offer international exposure and academic excellence to the students.

Dual master's degree programs are offered with Colorado School of Mines, Oklahoma University and Texas A&M University (United States), Kazan Federal University (Russia), Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (Argentina), Institut Teknologi Bandung (Indonesia), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China), etc. Half of the program takes place at IFP School and the other half at the partner university concerned. These dual degree programs allow students to discover different educational systems and build a rich and diverse professional network.

In several programs (Energy Technology Economics and Management, Powertrain Engineering), it is also possible for students to spend a period in a partner university, for example in Brazil, China, the United States, Japan, Norway, South Korea, or the United Kingdom.

Agreements also exist with many European universities, allowing engineering students to come to IFP School as part of a two-year work-study program, the first year of which replaces the last year of their home school or university.