Sustainable Campus Initiative

IFP School is the school of energy innovation and sustainable mobility, both in its teaching and in practice. Smart management of energy consumption, resource and waste management, sustainable mobility, health and nutrition, social and societal roles are all subjects at the heart of today's school challenges.

Sustainable Campus Initiative

Since 2017, the Sustainable Campus Initiative group aims at making sustainable development a reality on the ground of IFP School. Open to students, teachers and administrative staff, this group, resolutely oriented towards action, is focused on the school and its environment:

  • In 2022, as part of its CSR approach, the School launched an action to raise students’ awareness on the need to reduce the use of plastic on campus with the distribution of isothermal water bottles. In June of the same year, the Student Office created a new club called "Sustainable Campus Initiatives".
    In collaboration with the EAGE Student Chapter and the SPE Student Chapter of IFP School, this club organized a clothing drive for the benefit of the Emmaüs center in Nanterre from May 30 to June 10, 2022 on the Rueil-Malmaison campus. In total, more than 60 kg of clothes were collected in two weeks!
  • In 2018, an action to reduce the consumption of plastic cups on the school campus was implemented. Supported by a group of students, this project led to the distribution of reusable water bottles to all students and school staff. Infra-red sensors have also been installed on the school's coffee machines, allowing students to use their own mug.
  • In 2017, a campaign was launched to raise awareness among school members of eco-actions: posters now remind everyone of the importance of turning lights and computer equipment off, closing windows or reporting water leaks, in order to limit energy and resource consumption.

IFP School works in synergy with IFP Energies nouvelles' Energy Management group policy of reducing energy consumption and mitigating emissions: 

  • The school will soon be equipped with low-energy lamps (LEDs) throughout its building.
  • Waste management will also be improved to increase waste sorting and recovery as part of the IFP School.