Valorization of student engagement

Valorization of student engagement (VSE) is about giving value to the skills, knowledge and abilities that come from that engagement.


The VSE at IFP School

IFP School offers a scheme to reward students' engagement based on the skills and know‐how they have developed in the context of extra‐curricular activities and community projects.

Students involved

This scheme concerns all students aiming for the Diplôme d'Ingénieur Spécialisé (DIS) or the Diplôme d'Études Supérieures Appliquées (DESA).
Students with the status of apprentice or professional seconded by a company must have the prior agreement of their company to enroll in this scheme, insofar as the student's project or activity takes place during working or training hours.

Scope of the VSE scheme

The VSE scheme applies to students:

  • involved in an associative activity (educational, cultural, civic, sports) outside the School;
  • with a professional activity;
  • in civic service;
  • serving in the operational reserve;
  • engaged as a volunteer firefighter;
  • volunteering in the military.

 The project or activity represents an intensive engagement by new and novel actions or through the significant development of existing actions.

Validation of the student’s project

In September, any student motivated to benefit from this scheme has to discuss with his/her educational advisor about his/her project. If the project fits with the scope of the VSE scheme, the student puts together a dedicated file, with the help of his/ her educational advisor.

The student addresses his/her project to the VSE Engagement Board. If the project is validated, the student is granted "engaged student" status. He/she signs an agreement, formalizing the mutual commitment of the student and the School.

Valorization of the project

For any student whose project has been validated by the VSE Board, a mention of his/her status as an engaged student will appear on the degree supplement.
A certificate from the School's management recalling his/her engagement during his/her schooling will be also delivered.
Within Class of 2023, three students are committed in the VSE scheme.