Mission and Values

"IFP School: to build a world that supports sustainable and accessible energy"

The energy transition is a long-term industrial revolution. It has an impact on every sector and requires innovative solutions throughout the energy and mobility value chain. It creates considerable challenges for our society, our economy, our industries, and, of course, for the education of young people.

Today, IFP School focuses on technological innovation, optimization and safety of operations and the environment, while remaining true to its roots in Oil & Gas. Tomorrow, IFP School will combine this history with the absolute need to implement a sustainable energy mix. 

Our ambition: to train talented young people who are able to work straightaway in businesses involved in energy innovation, and are equipped with the broad range of skills that prepare them for the professions of the future. The method: close collaboration with many industrial partners, all leaders in their respective sectors, and with the world’s best universities. And through the success of our students, we will contribute to the construction of a world that supports sustainable and accessible energy.

Discover IFP School, the school for energy innovation and sustainable mobility.

Christine Travers 
. Christine Travers, Dean of IFP School