Mission and Values

"IFP School: to build a world that supports sustainable and accessible energy"

"The energy transition and environmental challenges are impacting all sectors of activity. They require innovation at every link in the value chain of the energy and mobility sectors. Given the scale of the challenges to be met, training new generations of high-level professionals who are rapidly operational, aware of the latest technological advances and already prepared for the jobs of tomorrow, is key.

As an application school at the interface of the academic and industrial worlds, IFP School's mission is to provide young engineers with the skills, know-how and expertise they need to transform energy production, distribution and consumption systems in a responsible and sustainable manner.

At the academic level, IFP School has more than 30 partners, leading schools and universities in France and abroad, which contribute to training specialized engineers in a stimulating multicultural environment to join the energy and transport sectors, which are international by nature.

Each year, nearly 180 companies of all sizes and in all sectors also support us in this mission and place their trust in us. Being at the heart of our students' training also means investing in the success of those who will be the talents of tomorrow.

Pascal Longuemare PhD, Dean of IFP School