Energy Economics and Management

In the Energy Economics and Management domain, IFP School has seven permanent staffs (French and Iranian) with varied and complementary academic and professional backgrounds. The school also calls upon over 100 visiting lecturers each year, most of whom are from industry where they are recognized as experts in their field.


The IFP School faculty runs a total of five programs in the Energy Economics and Management domain:

The teaching staff of IFP School

    IFPEN Economic papers

    The collection “IFPEN Economic papers” aims to present work carried out at IFP School and IFP Energies nouvelles dealing with economics, finance or energy transition management. The issues can be downloaded for free.

    The Energy Innovation Bulletin

    Header Energy Innovation Bulletin

    The bi-monthly Energy Innovation Bulletin is prepared by students enrolled in the Energy & Markets and Energy Technology Economics & Management programs, under the supervision of Sidney Lambert-Lalitte.

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