Accreditations to supervise doctoral research

In France, the accreditation to supervise doctoral research (habilitation à diriger des recherches or HDR) is a diploma that "confers official recognition of the high scientific level of the candidate, the originality of his or her approach in a field of science, his or her ability to optimally manage a research strategy in a sufficiently broad scientific or technological field, and his or her ability to supervise young researchers".1 It is the highest academic title in France, earned after obtaining a PhD.

There are nine HDRs at IFP School, distributed among our four main training areas:

Powertrains and Sustainable Mobility

Vignette MMD

Name Title of the thesis defense HDR Awarded by Year

Contributions to the study of power electronics systems in electrical energy production and conversion chains

Université de Lorraine 2019

Energy Economics and Management

Vignette EME

Name Title of the thesis defense HDR Awarded by Year

Economic analysis of energy systems: a large-scale regional approach

Université Paris Nanterre 2021
LANTZ Frédéric

Robustness of econometric analyses: applications to energy and marine resources exploitation

Université de Bourgogne 2004
MASSOL Olivier

Modeling and economic analysis: applications in the energy industries

Université Paris Dauphine-PSL 2021

Processes for Chemistry and Energy

Vignette PEC

Name Title of the thesis defense HDR Awarded by Year
De HEMPTINNE Jean-Charles Thermodynamic methods in petroleum engineering Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 2000
TRAVERS Christine

Acid catalysis applied to isomerization reactions

Université Pierre et Marie Curie 1998

Georesources and Energy

Vignette GRE

Name Title of the thesis defense HDR Awarded by Year
ADELINET Mathilde Interpreted acoustic measurements, multi-scale tools for characterizing rocks and reservoirs Sorbonne Université 2018

Dynamics of orogenic prisms, the role of fluids

Université Montpellier 2 2011
FOURNIER Frédérique

Reservoir-oriented interpretation of seismic attributes: a contribution to lithoseismic

Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine, Nancy 2004


1Order of November 23rd,1988 concerning the accreditation to supervise doctoral research, Article 1