International Students

IFP School is a forerunner on the international stage for training in the fields of energy and powertrains.

The school cultivates diversity as a source of development and enrichment. This approach is thoroughly appreciated by students, professors and companies worldwide. Our students grow in a multicultural environment, working alongside professors and fellow students from a variety of backgrounds. It is in this open-minded environment that students prepare to join the international energy and transportation sectors.

IFP School’s international commitment is multifaceted:

  • student origin, with 50% international students from more than 50 countries,
  • the language of the courses, with 8 of our programs taught entirely in English,
  • the diversity of backgrounds of our teaching staff,
  • international academic partnerships, in particular for double-degree programs with prestigious universities,
  • industrial partnerships with a number of national and international companies that offer grants to our students,
  • the dissemination policy, which involves organizing degree programs in an foreign country, generally with a local university partner and an industry sponsor (as an example, a program has run in Nigeria for more than 20 years).