Supporting Students

Companies and IFP School can combine efforts with a view to attracting top talent to enroll in one of IFP School's programs with support from industry.
Companies governed by French law can offer apprenticeship contracts to young people, enabling them to alternate between training at IFP School and in companies. Apprenticeship contracts are especially well adapted to applied training programs such as those on offer at IFP School. Since some skills are acquired with companies while others are acquired in the classroom, the two training methods go hand in hand. Apprenticeship contracts are aimed at young people under 26 and mostly concern students from within the European Union.
Companies can also contribute to the setting up of scholarships by making a donation to the Tuck Foundation. The Tuck Foundation is a recognized public-interest charity created in 1992 by IFPEN and IFP School with the aim of developing international cooperation for teaching and research in the fields of oil and gas, petrochemicals, engines and related activities, and their environmental impact. This system enables the Tuck Foundation to award scholarships under the corporate sponsor’s name to talented students from across the world admitted to IFP School.
Companies that pay their taxes in France and in some European countries can take advantage of certain tax benefits related to sponsorship.
In both instances — apprenticeship contracts and sponsorship — IFP School contributes its expertise and know-how to help partner companies identify the right kinds of candidate they are looking for.
The main steps are as follows:

  • the company defines the kind of student profile they are looking for, in terms of their academic background, nationality, field of study, etc.
  • IFP School shortlists candidates in the database by taking into account the profile identified by the company, before evaluating them.
  • the company confirms their interest in sponsoring the candidates shortlisted by IFP School.
  • the IFP School Admissions Board (which convenes every year in May) decides on whether or not the candidates are admitted.