Becoming an Industrial Partner

IFP School offers companies a broad range of partnership options.

To attract and support talent

  • Offering apprenticeship contracts for students on combined work/study programs

  • Sponsoring students via the Tuck Foundation (recognized public interest foundation), which awards study grants to IFP School’s students (the grants bear the name of the sponsoring companies)

  • Seconding high-potential young professionals for degree programs
  • Attending our spring “Partner Companies Event”: a way of raising the profile of their recruitment initiatives and identifying profiles of interest to them for internships and potential employment

To share their expertise

  • Delivering lectures and modules and leading practical work
  • Offering industrial tours
  • Providing real data to support case studies and industrial projects

To support IFP School’s development within the context of CSR

  • Sponsoring the graduation ceremony
  • Financing an industrial chair to advance research and graduate education relating to an existing or emerging theme
  • Sponsoring a space (classroom, communal area) at IFP School