As specified in Article D. 144-26 of the Energy Code "the management of the school is entrusted, under the authority of the Director General of IFP Energies nouvelles, to a director assisted by an improvement council".

Executive Committee

The governance of IFP School is ensured by a management committee (CODIR) composed of the Dean of the School, the Secretary-General, the 4 Center Directors, the Director of Studies and Apprenticeship, and the Director of Doctoral Studies.

IFP School Governance

Development Council

The Development Council is chaired by the Deputy Director of the Directorate of Energy of the Ministry of Ecological Transition. The composition of the board is as follows: the President of IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN), nine members chosen from among the leaders of the energy and transport industry, four personalities representing higher education or research, four former students, three elected representatives of the School's teaching staff and three elected representatives of the students.

The role of the development board is to assist the Director of the School, in particular on strategy, general organization, composition of classes, training opportunities and program objectives. It meets twice a year.

In addition, the School relies on the IFPEN Scientific Council and the IFPEN Board of directors.