Specialized Engineering Graduate Degree

IFP School's offer includes industry-oriented graduate programs, leading to a specialized engineering degree or an IFP School Master’s degree which are organized in four major fields in energy and transportation:

Label CTI      French Engineering degree label - controlled by the State       Master Degree Label     EUR-ACE Label

The programs aim to provide students with all the skills and knowledge necessary for their chosen profession so that they are immediately operational upon graduation. The programs also prepare them for changes that will occur in the context of the current energy transition.

Admission conditions

  • Must hold a qualification equivalent to four or five years of higher education, such as an engineering degree (five years), an American B.Sc. (four years) or an equivalent degree


  • Must be a fourth-year student in a school (engineering ‘Grande École’ or European university) which has signed a double-degree agreement with IFP School (list of schools - last update in March 2021)