2021 Honorary Patronage Ceremony

17 June 2021
2021 Honorary Patronage Ceremony

The Honorary Patronage Ceremony for the IFP School class of 2021 took place on June 16th, 2021 in the Dahlias amphitheater at IFP Energies nouvelles, in the presence of Pierre-Franck Chevet, President of IFP Energies nouvelles and Christine Travers, Dean of IFP School.

This year, the 277 students of the School had the honor to welcome Mr. Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Engie.

On this occasion, Mr. Clamadieu shared his professional background and his vision on the challenges of the energy market. He also presented Engie’s strategy in the context of the energy transition.

Mr. Clamadieu was accompanied by Sanâa Nahla, Head of Academic Relations at Engie, and Élodie Le Cadre Loret, Lead Scientific Officer at Engie Research. Mrs. Le Cadre Loret is herself an IFP School graduate (ENR 2008).

Mr. Clamadieu’s speech was followed by a Q&A session led by two IFP School students. The ceremony ended with a meeting between the 19 Engie apprentices and their patron.