Covid-19 – Continuity of training

20 March 2020
Virtual classes March 2020

IFP School faculty has been quick to react and set up distance learning courses for all training programs.

With the support of the Lab e•nov team, teachers have selected the videoconferencing platform Zoom to do their online classes.

This week, the first courses per program using this virtual approach were :

  • Powertrain Engineering (PWT): "Gas exchange processes", by H. LAHJAILY (Renault)
  • Energy and Powertrains (MOT): "Advanced control of energy flow in the vehicle", by A. SCIARRETTA (IFPEN)
  • Energy and Processes (ENEP): "Distillation - Control and regulation", by D. BOSSANNE (IFP School)
  • Petroleum Geosciences: "Seismic methods", by H. Chauris (École des Mines).

Adapting is also the key word for the Petroleum Economics and Management (PEM) and the Executive Master of Management in Energy programs. The students of these two programs will soon be taking their exams via Zoom. In addition to their virtual classes, they are working in project mode on different case studies. This task can easily be completed with distance learning tools.

As for the Petroleum Engineering and Project Development (DEG) program, the students are also currently working on their projects. Thanks to the support of DrillScan, they have been able to exceptionally install the WellScan drilling engineering software on their own computers in order to continue their work.

Overall, students have adapted well to remote instruction.

"I didn't think it would be so smooth and easy to follow," noted one student. "I find the device well set up and I'm happy to be able to follow the courses despite the lockdown. It allows me to keep a rhythm, some orientation and a certain normality during this special period".


Virtual classroom taught by Hervé Chauris


Screenshot of the virtual class "Seismic methods" given by Hervé Chauris.
Exercises are done using Python code and Zoom.