An educational tool to discover hybrid and electric powertrains

6 July 2022
Educational tool developed by 3 IFP School students

Alexandre Domène, Pierre Savignac and Kévin Tocaben, students in IFP School's Energy and Powertrains program, have designed an educational tool on hybrid and electric propulsion systems to support the training of future students at the School.

Supervised by Mr. Stéphane Rimaux, Systems Engineer at Stellantis, they developed this tool as part of their final year project.

The educational tool consists of a graphic interface and two models, one representing an electric vehicle and the other a hybrid vehicle. To build this second model, the group chose to study a real case, the Toyota Prius.

"We chose the Toyota Prius because it is a system that was developed years ago and has an optimal performance," explains Pierre Savignac.

The aim of this tool is to enable IFP School students and/or engineers specializing in thermal engines to study hybrid and electric traction systems, in particular to identify their operation and the different components, and to illustrate their behavior in real-life conditions.

Alexandre, Pierre and Kévin entirely developed the graphical interface in Python language, in order to allow the learners to get comfortable with the code and to improve it.

The interface, which is the link between the learner and the models, makes it possible to visualize in real time the driving cycles, to observe the power flows and to measure the consumptions, the efficiency, etc.

Congratulations to the trio of students and their supervisor for the design of this beautiful and complete tool, which will contribute to the energy transition, and for supporting the training of engineers in the fields of hybridization and electrification of vehicles!