IFP School qualified for the 2020 Petrobowl Championship

10 March 2020
IFP School's team for the 2020 Petrobowl Championship

Five students of IFP School's Reservoir Geoscience and Engineering (RGE) and Petroleum Economics and Management (PEM) programs have ensured their spot in the 2020 Petrobowl Championship, which will take place during the Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Denver, Colorado on 5 October.

Aytakin Gasimova (Azerbaidjan, RGE), Magy Avedissian (United States, PEM), Mohammed Lardhi (Yemen, RGE), Emilio Gonzalez Marroquin (Mexico, RGE) and Stephen Ada Ibrahim (Nigeria, RGE) competed against 12 teams from the most prestigious European universities and schools.

IFP School came third behind the University of Aberdeen and Heriot-Watt University.

The team had to answer as quickly as possible to a series of technical and general questions on the oil and gas industry. The final competition will gather the teams selected during each of the 6 regional challenges.