IFP School’s Energy Transition Day

12 October 2023
2023 Energy Transition Day

Offshore wind power, rare metals, future powertrains... these were just some of the topics discussed at the 16th Energy Transition Day, held on October 11 at IFP School.

This is one of the School's major events, entirely dedicated to students and organized in collaboration with IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN).

Pierre-Franck Chevet, Chairman and CEO of IFPEN, opened the event by presenting the energy context and the goal of carbon neutrality. He then took part in a discussion with the students on the challenges of the energy transition and the solutions proposed by the IFPEN group.

Discussions on the energy transition continued in workshops co-hosted by IFPEN researchers and IFP School lecturers.
The program, organized by area of specialization, was rich and dense:

  • Powertrains and Sustainable Mobility: possible powertrains and fuels by 2050; implementation and challenges for fuel cell vehicles; CCUS;
  • Energy Economics and Management: life-cycle analysis; IFPEN's view of energy prospects;
  • Processes for Energy and Chemicals: rare metals and available resources; catalyst metals recycling; battery metals recycling;
  • Georesources and Energy: offshore wind power; 4D multiphysical models of the subsoil for the energy transition; soil and carbon; visit to the petrophysics and coreflood laboratories.

The School would like to extend its warmest thanks to IFPEN researchers (many of whom are IFP School graduates) and lecturers for their involvement on this day!

Alongside  Denis Bossanne, Éric Deville, Karine Labat, Olivier Lerat, El Hadj Miliani, Maxime Schenckery were: Vinith Kumar Lakshmanan; Pierre Leduc; Florent Guillou; Maxime Lucas; Mickaële Le Ravalec; Vincent d'Herbemont; Emmanuel Hache, Élodie Devers; Arnaud Baudot; Frédéric Feugnet; Adriana Traby; David Sebag; Philippe Gilbert as well as Vincent de Laleu (renewable energy consultant).