A new publication in Economics

8 July 2019
A new publication in Economics

In a new article published in Energy Policy, Ekaterina DUKHANINA (PhD. student and Alumnus of the EEET-EDDEE Master), Olivier Massol (Faculty member at IFP School and Alumnus), and François Lévêque (Professor at Mines ParisTech) examine the effects of a policy recurrently advocated by European regulators: the merger of two adjacent gas trading zones. Indeed, the economic integration of European natural gas markets is one of the European Union's priority objectives. Its purpose is to guarantee the security of energy supplies.

The 3 experts develop an innovative methodology which is capable to measure the effects of that policy on the spatial integration of natural gas markets. The results obtained from a French case study document the positive impact of that institutional reform on the spatial efficiency of the markets but also indicate the presence of imperfect competition in the observed spatial arbitrage activity conducted from or to that zone.

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Reference: E. Dukhanina, O. Massol, F. Lévêque, 2019. “Policy measures targeting a more integrated gas market: Impact of a merger of two trading zones on prices and arbitrage activity in France.” Energy Policy, Volume 132, pp. 583-593.