Mathilde Adelinet

Portrait de Mathilde Adelinet

Lecturer in geophysics
Georesources and energy Center

Mathilde Adelinet joined IFP School’s Georesources and energy Center in 2019 as a lecturer in geophysics. She divides her time between teaching and training activities, in particularly for the Petroleum Geosciences program, and research activities in close collaboration with IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) and other laboratories. She is also in charge of university partnerships with the University of Lorraine and the University of Strasbourg for the research-oriented master programs in common with IFP School. Her main field of interest is acoustic measurement and its interpretation, at different scales, in order to best characterize rocks and underground reservoirs.

Mathilde began her career at IFPEN in 2010 as a research engineer in geophysics. She has taken part in many integrated research projects, combining different geoscience disciplines (sedimentology, petrophysics, rock physics). She has always been committed to developing geophysical characterization tools without forgetting the geological nature of the objects studied.

Mathilde graduated from the École normale supérieure in 2007. She holds a PhD in geology from the University of Maine (2010) on work related to the characterization of Icelandic basalts, as well as an accreditation to conduct research from Sorbonne Université (2018).