Philippe Pierre

Portrait de Philippe Pierre

Program Supervisor

Master in Energy and Powertrains
Associate Professor

Philippe Pierre joined IFP School in 2006 as an Assistant Professor. In September 2022, he became Supervisor of the Energy and Powertrains program after having been Supervisor of the Electrification of Automotive Propulsion Master's program at IFP School since 2009 (a research-oriented Master's program that he helped create with ENS Saclay); prior to that, he was also Supervisor of the Terrestrial Powertrain Master's program (PRT) at IFP School in collaboration with the University of Paris 6 until 2009.

In collaboration with the ENS of Saclay, he contributed to the creation of the Research Master's program in Electrification and Powertrain in 2009. He is a coordinator of different course modules at the Powertrains and Sustainable Mobility Center.

His career began at IFP Energies nouvelles in 1987 in the Energy Applications Techniques Division, where he was in charge of fuel studies and the development of exhaust gas post treatment systems. He was involved in developing methodology for optical measurements of the ignition delay within the "Groupement Scientifique Moteur" (GSM).

From 1997 to 2006, he took part in several studies for the development of new stratified combustion and auto-ignition combustion for Spark Ignition Engines. He contributed to the industrial development of combustion chambers and to the development of post-treatment systems (Particulate Filters, DeNOx).

He is also involved in the development of advanced studies on the elaboration of new innovative methodologies within the GSM (measuring unburned hydrocarbon emissions in transient state in a single cylinder research engine). Within the GSM, he develops new advanced tools which are used to better understand physical phenomenon in combustion analysis (endoscopic visualisations, instantaneous local measurements, development of post-processing signal tools).

Philippe Pierre graduated from the Paris Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in 1995 with an Engineering Degree, majoring in Engines, and then from IFP School in 1997 with a Master's Degree in Engines.