Process Design and Modeling

Identification and modeling of hydrodynamic mechanisms impacting the enzymatic hydrolysis of biomass

Biofuels as well as bio-based chemicals production represent a major transition to reduce our dependence on fossil resources. Biomass is an efficient, ecological and economically viable resource to meet both the problem of energy diversification, CO2 emissions reduction in the transportation sector, as well as to diversify chemicals formulation on the market.

PET recycling: Influence of impurities on the crystallization of BHET monomer

Recycling of PET polymer through chemical recycling routes has attracted a great deal of interest in recent years, to cope with plastics streams not handled by classical industrial PET mechanical recycling routes. The development of recycling processes dedicated to colored and opaque PET is a major challenge for reducing waste, developing new resources for the production of recycled PET, and therefore reducing the use of fossil resources to produce PET.