CarMa Chair's work honored at GHGT-16

15 November 2022
Florence Delprat-Jannaud and Jean-Pierre Deflandre

The CarMa Chair's research team participated in the 16th edition of the Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (ghgt-16) conference, which took place from October 23 to 27 at the Palais des Congrès in Lyon.

The Chair was represented by its co-holders, Florence Delprat-Jannaud (IFP Energies nouvelles - IFPEN), President of CO2 Club, and Jean-Pierre Deflandre, professor at the Georesources and Energy Center, as well as by several doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows working as part of the Chair.

On October 24, Carlos Andrade, post-doctoral fellow at IFPEN, spoke on the role of negative emission technologies in the transition to a low carbon economy in the iron and steel sector.

The next day, Sibylle Duval-Dachary, PhD student at IFPEN, presented a life cycle assessment of bioenergy systems with carbon dioxide capture and storage (BECCS) in the session "4D Biomass & CCS". Sibylle also participated in the closing panel on CCUS.

Emma Jagu, PhD student at IFP School, presented an e-poster based on a paper co-authored with Olivier Massol, Professor at the IFP School Energy Economics and Management Center, and colleagues from Imperial College London Solène Chiquier and Niall Mac Dowell entitled: "CO2 removal and 1.5°C: Sharing the Gains from Interregional Cooperation Using a Game-Theoretic Approach."

Finally, Jean-Pierre Deflandre presented an e-poster illustrating the research work conducted by Florian Auclair: "Are Negative Emissions technologies a more socially acceptable form of CCS?  A general analysis of expert's debates". At the same time, Jean-Pierre Deflandre also presented the research work of the CarMa Chair on the "BECCS" theme on the IFPEN stand, highlighting the results of the first three years of research on the feasibility of a possible large-scale and long-term deployment of this technology.