The EleTher Chair organizes its Scientific Days

4 June 2024
The EleTher Chair's Scientific Days

The EleTher Chair's Scientific Days were held on May 23 and 24 at IFP Energies nouvelles.

The event brought together members and researchers of the Prométhée research group to discuss advances in the recycling of batteries, catalysts and electronic waste. These processes are relatively energy-intensive and currently use toxic solvents. Research is aimed at shortening reuse cycles, or finding solvents or other technologies to improve their environmental balance.

Launched in 2021, the EleTher Chair is held by Jean-Charles de Hemptinne, a teacher and researcher at the School, and is established within IFP School's Processes for Energy and Chemicals Center. The Chair studies the thermodynamics of hydrometallurgical processes, which is also the main focus of the Prométhée research group. The latter aims to federate research teams interested in the recovery and recycling of critical metals.

The research work carried out as part of the EleTher Chair aims to develop thermodynamic calculation tools to facilitate the design and dimensioning of these processes.

Since its launch, two theses have been funded, as well as a post-doctorate, and several collaborations have been set up with prestigious laboratories such as the University of Denmark, Imperial College, Paris Sorbonne University and the numerous partners of the Prométhée research group.