IFP School, third in the 2023 Laurie Dake Challenge 2023

9 June 2023
IFP School came third in the 2023 Laurie Dake Challenge

IFP School came third in the final of the 2023 Laurie Dake Challenge, which took place from June 5 to 8 in Vienna, Austria, as part of the 84th European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) conference.

The IFP School team comprised Nour Alawieh, a Lebanese student in the Reservoir Geoscience and Engineering (RGE) program, Toghrul Babayev, an Azerbaijani student in the Petroleum Geosciences (PGS) program, Maria Genara Coffey, an Argentinean student in the RGE program, Juan Manuel Dri, an Argentinean student in the RGE program, and Vagif Taghiyev, an Azerbaijani student in the PGS program.

To qualify, the team presented a groundbreaking project, unveiling a full development plan of a geothermal site in the Vienna Basin. They delved deep into the geology of the basin to unlock its immense geothermal energy potential.

"Days of dedication and hard work culminated in a few exhilarating minutes before the jury, where we had the privilege to share our project, “A Step Towards the Net-Zero: Geothermal Energy in the Vienna Basin”” says Nour Alawieh.

“The applause, the encouraging nods, and the meaningful connections we made left an indelible mark on our hearts. The Laurie Dake Challenge united us under a shared mission of securing a sustainable future together. And a special mention goes to our dedicated supporting teachers, Gilles Fabre, Jérôme Laval, Marc Perreaux, for their unwavering support and mentorship!" she adds.

IFP School students are regular podium finishers in the Laurie Dake Challenge, which pits EAGE student branches against each other to promote the interdisciplinary integration of geosciences and engineering within higher education institutions. Last year, the School came second, while in 2021 it won the challenge.

Congratulations to our students for their efforts and performance!