The Lab e·nov celebrates its first year!

26 March 2021
The Lab e·nov celebrates its first year.

The Lab e·nov, the digital culture laboratory, was created a year ago with the aim of promoting and supporting initiatives in the field of education and innovation.

Here is a look back at a year full of achievements!

The Lab e·nov is a structure of experts who work in four fields:

  • educational innovation,
  • immersive realities,
  • MOOCs and SPOCs,
  • entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

As for educational innovations, you might remember that we have already shared our "phygital" teaching (a contraction of the terms physical and digital), the "study buddies" (or how to bond and promote solidarity amongst students in times of Covid), the principle of flipped classes where the learner becomes an actor in his/her own training, or the creation of digital supports for field trips which have allowed students in remote learning to follow their courses "as if they were there".

The Lab e·nov is also a laboratory of immersive realities, which our students have already been able to experience: a few examples are the immersive twin in the engine room, the start-up and change-over of industrial pumps in virtual reality, which allows to "learn by doing" in a virtually recreated industrial environment.

You also know the Lab e·nov through our successful MOOCs: "Tomorrow’s mobility: Sustainable technologies for the automotive sector"*, which ran for a 3rd edition in Autumn 2020 as well as "Energy transition: innovation towards a low-carbon future"**, which started on March 8th, 2021 for a 3rd edition enriched with new content on hydrogen. In line with MOOCs, the Lab e·nov is also developping SPOC (Small Private Online Courses) to meet the specific needs of the industry.

Finally, the Lab e·nov works in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship, for example during the Professional Skills Module, a transverse module in which our students are introduced to innovation management and are accompanied by coaches over 4 weeks.

And last but not least…You may have noticed that the Lab e·nov has innovated and given itself a new acronym in celebration of its first year. So happy birthday Lab e·nov! Check out its section (in French for now) to continue the adventure!

*in collaboration with IFP Training and Vedecom, and with the support of the Total Foundation and the Service de l’Énergie Opérationnelle (ex-SEA)
**with the support of the Total Foundation and in association with the Fondation Tuck