A new accreditation to supervise research at IFP School

21 January 2021
Picture of Olivier Massol

On January 5th, Olivier Massol, Scientific Advisor to the Dean of IFP School and Associate Professor at the Energy Economics and Management Center, defended an "Habilitation" (i.e., the highest academic qualification in France) to supervise research in economics at the Université Paris-Dauphine PSL* on the basis of his works in quantitative economics applied to energy.

This "habilitation" (accreditation) shed lights on a decade of scientific research conducted at the School in microeconomics, game theory, operations research and econometrics. To date, Olivier Massol has authored 17 publications in top international scientific journals in energy economics and delivered more than fifty presentations at scientific events and academic seminars.

Olivier also serves the Executive Director of the Chair on “The Economics of Natural Gas**” and is a Research Associate and head of the energy transition program at the “Climate Economics Chair***”. He also contributes to the IFP School Chair " Carbon management and negative CO2 emissions technologies towards a low carbon future".

Congratulations to Olivier!

* Paris Sciences et Lettres
** which associates IFP School, Toulouse School of Economics, l’université Paris- Dauphine and Mines Paris-Tech
*** led by the université Paris- Dauphine