"Prototyping and 3D printing" hackathon

26 June 2023
2023 Prototyping and 3D printing hackathon

On June 21, Guillaume Landry and Nicolas Sappey, students in the Processes and Polymers (POLY) program and leaders of Lab e-nov™'s 3D Printing Club, introduced their fellow students to 3D printing prototype modeling and design in the form of a one-day hackathon.

To prepare for this unprecedented experience, the pair were supported by Lab e-nov™'s Educational Innovations hub and Perrine Babin, a lecturer at IFP School's Processes for Energy and Chemicals center.

In concrete terms, Guillaume and Nicolas designed an interactive and original training course to enable students to create a prototype from its design in CAD to its 3D printing: a succession of fun modules and practical workshops helped to grasp the concepts of 3D printing and earn points for each of the eight participating teams. Each team had to print a piece of a puzzle.

"The educational dynamic provided by this experience, where students specialized in one field train their peers, was a highlight of this hackathon. This first experience was a real success!" boasts Olivier Bernaert, head of the Lab e-nov™.

The day ended with the presentation of trophies to the three teams that stood out!

Well done to all!