Vinith Kumar Lakshmanan's thesis defense

23 May 2023
Vinith Kumar Lakshmanan 2023 PhD graduate

On May 23rd, Vinith Kumar Lakshmanan, a graduate of IFP School's Powertrain Engineering program (class of 2017) and a doctoral student in the Digital Science and Technology department at IFP Energies nouvelles, defended his thesis on "Cooperative control of eco-driving trajectories for a fleet of connected and autonomous electric vehicles".

His work demonstrated how connected (or autonomous) vehicles can cooperate to reduce their energy expenditure, obtain optimal driving profiles for several traffic scenarios, and assess the influence of the level of cooperation between vehicles on the final result.

In September 2022, Vinith was voted best young author at the 10th International Federation of Automatic Control conference held at Ohio State University.

His thesis was supervised by Antonio Sciarretta (IFPEN) and Ouafae El Ganaoui-Mourlan (IFP School) as part of the ECAV Chair, of which they are both co-holders.