Virtual quiz on sustainable development

5 June 2020
Virtual quiz on sustainable development

Which country is the biggest producer of renewable electricity?
How much food is wasted per person each year in Europe?
The Paris Agreement aims to limit the rise in temperatures to how many degrees?

These are a few questions found in the online quiz on sustainable development, organized on June 4th by five students of the Energy and Processes program (ENEP).

Supported by the group Sustainable Campus Initiative, Théo Lassort, Chloé Lecocq, Corentin Paumard, Léa Tournaille and Cindy Sy proposed, as part of their end-of-study project on "Energy Transition and Global Responsability", a series of questions on various topics, including climate change, waste management and ecology.

Students from 8 different programs completed the quiz, which was conducted via Zoom, using the Kahoot application.