Zoom on the virtual reality module dedicated to the start-up of an industrial pump

9 April 2021
Immersive module industrial pump

At the beginning of 2020, the team of the Lab e·nov, IFP School's digital culture laboratory located on the campus, developed a virtual reality module on the starting and change-over of an industrial pump for students in the Energy and Processes, and Processes and Polymers programs.

In a special article, Clément Cahagne, educational engineer in charge of the Lab e·nov Educational Innovations and Immersive Realities hubs, details the genesis of the project and reveals the module's special feature: the multi-user mode.

As its name indicates, this feature allowed the students to be immersed in a three-dimensional environment, accompanied by their instructor. They were able to perform the right sequence of actions and:

- identify the components of a centrifugal pump;
- ensure the pump's start-up;
-change-over two centrifugal pumps in order to make one of them available to the maintenance department.

Discover the learners’ feedback and the training advantages of this immersive module, which allows the acquisition of skills by experimenting (learning by doing), IFP School's leitmotiv!