Karine Labat

Portrait de Karine Labat

Program Supervisor
Advanced-master degree - Mastère Spécialisé

"Geo Data Management for Energy Mix"

Karine Labat has worked on the integration of seismic data in basin modeling and reservoir characterization. In 2016, she joined the IFP School Georesources and energy Center to teach reservoir geophysics and seismic interpretation, while continuing her research activities at IFP Energies nouvelles’ Geosciences division. In 2019, she was appointed program supervisor of the Advanced-master - Mastère Spécialisé "Geo Data Management for Energy Mix". She is a member of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE).

Karine began her career in 2002 in the IFP Energies nouvelles’ lithoseismics team as a research engineer. She carries out work in the field of stratigraphic inversion and qualitative and quantitative interpretation of seismic data (multi-components, 4D, multi-azimuth) for reservoir characterization. She also takes part in the industrial project “Presti“, as wells as in studies focused on both oil and gas and CO2 storage as part of the CO2ReMoVe consortium and ANR Geocarbon Integrity project.

Between 2011 and 2018, she was appointed industrial project leader in charge of the development, improvements and maintenance of IFP Energies nouvelles’ EasyTraceTM software (a 1D geosciences tool).

Karine Labat is a geologist, a graduate of the École nationale supérieure de géologie. She holds an IFP School Master in Petroleum Geosciences with a major in Geophysics (Class of 2001).