Arnaud Torres

Portrait d'Arnaurd Torres

Georessources and energy Center

Arnaud Torres joined IFP School’s Georesources and energy Center in February 2018. He teaches geology (sedimentology and reservoir characterization) in several teaching units for various programs. He also supervises and leads geological field courses, in particular for the Petroleum Geosciences and Reservoir Geoscience and Engineering programs.

Arnaud has about 30 years of experience in the oil sector.

He began his career in 1986 in Chile, at the University of Valparaiso, where he taught marine geology and sedimentology.

In 1991, he joined the Perenco company (Kelt Energy at that time) as Project leader and worked in Poland (for coalbed methane), Colombia and France.

In 1998, he joined CGG as a software support expert (GeoLog 6) and trainer (at Petrosystems, i.e. CGG’s software subsidiary). He later became Accounts Manager for Middle-East prospects at Flagship (CGG’s software & services subsidiary, acquired by Paradigm in 2000).

At the beginning of 2001, Arnaud joined the start-up Techsia (which developed TechLog, later acquired by Schlumberger) as Marketing Manager for sales and services development and for technical communication on the software. As part of his duties, he was also in charge of developing the ergonomics of TechLog’s interface and training new recruits.

In 2004, after resuming his studies and earning a Master’s degree in Environmental Communication, he worked as a consultant for the French Agency for Ecological and Energy Transition (ADEME, agence de l’environnement et de la maîtrise de l’énergie).

Two years later in 2006, he joined another start-up, Spectraseis, based in Zurich, as a Senior Geology Advisor. He worked on low-frequency passive seismic data acquisition and analysis for non-invasive hydrocarbon detection, while conducting several missions abroad.

From 2009 to 2018, he taught geosciences at IFP Training as trainer, often abroad (Europe, Africa, Americas, Middle- and Far-East), in particular modules on basin exploration and reservoir characterization. He was also project coordinator and developed courses on demand by integrating instructional design methods.

Arnaud is a geologist, a graduate of the Université de Montpellier (1985). He also holds a Master’s degree in Marine Sedimentology from both the Université de Brest and IFREMER (1986).

After spending two years in Chile, where he taught marine geology, he returned to France and got a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from IFP School in 1990. In 2004, he completed a second Master’s degree, this time, in Environmental Communication (sustainable development, eco-design, industrial ecology, renewable energy) at the Université de Cergy-Pontoise.