Personal experience of Abdoul Fattah Kiemde

A student of the Catalysis and Processes Master’s program (class of 2021)

1.  Can you introduce yourself and tells us about your background as well?

I am enrolled in the Sustainable Industrial Processes master, specializing in Catalysis and Processes. After two years of general studies equivalent to preparatory classes in Biology-Chemistry-Geology, I chose to pursue studies in Processes and Environmental Engineering. This allowed me to join the research Master’s program to pursue my studies.

2. Why did you choose to pursue the Catalysis and Processes Master’s program?

I chose to enroll in the Catalysis and Processes Master’s program because it offers a wide range of knowledge from catalytic process engineering to bioprocesses. In addition, this program benefits from strong ties with industrial companies that are leaders in their field and with renowned research centers such as CNRS, IFPEN, AXENS, REALCAT, UCCS. This collaboration is manifested through lecturers and through internship offers. This makes it possible to combine theorical and practical skills.

3. What are your plans after completing this Master’s program?

After completing this master, I plan to do a PhD in Process Thermodynamics, a field in which I have already started research work as part of my final year internship. This is one of the key areas that will contribute to meeting the energy transition objectives, so desired today. Hence my fervent ambition for this subject.