Frédéric Lantz

Portrait de Frédéric Lantz


Program Supervisor Research-oriented Master

Environmental, Energy and Transport Economics (EEET)

Frédéric Lantz joined IFP School in 1991 as a lecturer in economic modeling. He contributed to the research and economics study programs at IFP Energies nouvelles. Today, he is a Professor and Program Supervisor of the Master in Environmental, Energy and Transport Economics, a program for young people who wish to acquire a specialization in the new energy transition field. As part of the doctoral training, he supervises PhD studies on these areas and is the author of numerous articles and scientific reports.

Frédéric began his career at Ifremer, where he carried out research in bio-economic modeling, especially as part of the North Sea Working Group for the European Commission.  His research and studies at IFP Energies nouvelles led him to actively take part in the development of the group’s technico-economic models. He mainly contributes to the development of quantitative analysis on the supply and demand of energy by integrating the challenges related to climate change. He also works on energy pricing.

Frédéric Lantz has a DEA in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics (1982) and a PhD in Economics (1984) from the Université de Paris X-Nanterre. He has also received accreditation to supervise research.