Victor Court

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Energy Economics and Management Center

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Victor Court joined IFP School’s Energy Economics and Management Center in March 2020. He teaches and helps organize the Center’s three training programs: the specialized Engineering programs Energy and Markets (ENM) and Energy Technology Economics and Management as well as the research-oriented Master’s program in Environmental, Energy and Powertrains Economics - Sustainable Development, Environment and Energy Economics (EEET-EDDEE). He has a keen interest on the interactions between technical change, energy transition and economic development in the long run.

After his engineering studies in environmental sciences (AgroParisTech) and his master’s degree in Energy Economics (IFP School), Victor completed a PhD on the role of energy in the economic growth process. This analysis focused in particular on the concept of Energy-Return-On-Investment (EROI), which is a measure of energy accessibility.

During the three years following his PhD, Victor conducted research in various institutions. First as part of the Energy and Prosperity Chair at the Environment and Society Training Center of the ENS Ulm, to develop a dynamic representation of the world population that can be used by any macroeconomic model (in particular integrated assessment models used to study the energy and ecological transition). Then in England in the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex in Brighton, where his work focused on the energy impact of digital technologies.

In addition to his publications in various academic journals and his lectures, Victor is currently writing books for the general public. The first of these will be an essay on the role of energy in the history of human societies.