Céline Pierre

Portrait de Céline Pierre

Officer-in-charge, Department of Studies


Céline Pierre joined IFP School in 2008 as a lecturer in the Processes for energy and chemicals Center. On October 1st, 2020, she was appointed Recruitment Coordinator. She teaches for the Processes and Polymers and Energy and Processes programs and coordinates the teaching units dedicated to the manufacturing of monomers, chemical intermediates and polymers: "Main Petrochemicals intermediates and monomers” and “Polymers manufacturing". She was appointed Supervisor of the Processes and Polymers program in 2011. She coordinates the evolution of the pedagogical content with the staff in charge of the teaching units, with recent orientations on the manufacturing processes of bioplastics, recycling of plastics and the analysis of life cycle.

She works closely with the Lab e·nov™, IFP School’s digital culture laboratory, to set up training activities on the application of polymers in everyday life.  

In terms of cross-disciplinary activities, she takes part in actions geared toward promoting the School in partner schools and international universities.

Before joining IFP School, Céline worked at Cray Valley, where she was a process engineer in the field of radical emulsion polymerization and polycondensation. For four years, she was in charge of the industrialization of new products and the exchange of best practices between European industrial sites.

A graduate of the École nationale supérieure des Industries Chimiques de Nancy, Céline Pierre defended her PhD thesis on the rheology of heavy crudes in partnership with IFP Energies nouvelles research teams in 2003.